Anyone of any age and fitness level can do YogAlign®

Create naturally aligned posture and eliminate chronic pain
Use breathing to tone your core and calm your nerves
Decompress and strengthen joints while moving from center
Practice yoga and stretching exercises safely to avoid injuries
Free your fascia with self massage
Activate your psoas/diaphragm connection

Before & After images reveal the astonishing transformations
that have inspired thousands to do YogAlign

Kauai Yoga School Graduate

After 3 YogAlign Classes

After 5 YogAlign Classes

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YogAlign offers a variety of classes, workshops, teacher certifications, and adventure retreats around the world

Michaelle has been featured in the New York Times and has published numerous articles in print and online magazines.


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“This book is a useful tool for yoga teachers as well as a good adjunct book for body workers. Michaelle Edwards bases her YogAlign system on sound principles with practical and useful excercises and awareness.”

– Thomas Myers, Rolfer, author of Anatomy Trains

YogAlign Book and DVD Combo – 400 pages and over 200
illustrations and photos.

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“Michaelle Edwards raises a red flag on the prevalence of injuries experienced by people practicing yoga today. Not only does she detail common poses and practices that are at odds with the natural human design, she provides safe rehabilitative alternatives.”

Kathleen Porter – Natural Posture Solutions

About Yoga Injuries If you have been injured, please take the yoga injuries survey


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