Mana Yoga Studio

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Mana Yoga Studio is owned by Yogalign® founder Michaelle Edwards. It is located on her five-acre property in Princeville, Kauai where she lives, teaches yoga, and manages an organic orchard and vegetable garden. The cedar building is constructed with high ceilings and natural wood walls and floors that create a Zen-like atmosphere. Large screen windows frame a spectacular view of the Hanalei ridgeline. The highest peak, Namolokama, is frequently adorned with breathtaking waterfalls called Wai’oli, or Singing Waters.

Hurricane Iniki

On September 11, 1992, Kauai was hit by Hurricane Iniki’s force-five winds, damaging and destroying much of the landscape, homes, and businesses. The hurricane ripped the roof off Michaelle’s home and she and her family lost almost all possessions.  Michaelle reflected, “Hurricane Iniki was a reminder that the most important things in life are definitely not ‘things’. We went for weeks without power or water. We were given a huge lesson in gratitude regarding the importance of water and how much we depend on it. We were humbled by the immense power of Mother Nature as she swept across Kauai with wind gusts up to 225 miles per hour.  In every crisis, there is a hidden opportunity. I learned from the hurricane that it is not what happens to us but how we choose to respond to challenges in life that define who we are as human beings.”

Hurricane’s Destruction Leads to Growth

Mana Yoga Studio was built in 1998, out of recycled lumber reclaimed from a home that was so severely damaged by the hurricane, that the insurance company considered it a total loss. The owners decided to build a new home, and the lumber from their previous home was used in the building of Mana Yoga Studio.  Mark Gilbert, Michaelle’s former partner, sanded and restored the timber, and used post and beam construction, to create the beautiful wood and open-air design of the building. 

Students of the Mana Yoga Center are encouraged to be grateful for every breath of the sweet island air. In lieu of recorded music, we appreciate the sounds of the shama thrush singing and coconut fronds dancing in the trade winds outside. Any passing rain is welcomed as the waterfalls and rainbows will follow.