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YogAlign, Pain free Yoga from Your Inner Core Book/DVD Combo

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YogAlign Tune-Up Beginner Level

One Hour Practice
Michaelle Edwards, yogi
Perfect start-up for YogAlign and all ages and fitness

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YogAlign Tune-Up Intermediate Level

75 minute practice & 15 minute breathing segment
With Alegra Quane, yogi and Michaelle Edwards, narration and director
Active YogAlign including core work, lunges, and one leg balances
Includes a special YogAlign breathing section with Michaelle Edwards

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YogAlign Level 1 DVD

75 minute practice filmed on beautiful Hanalei Bay Kauai
Beginner to Intermediate level
With YogAlign teachers Kat and Keenan
Narrated and directed by Michaelle Edwards
Special bonus features for a full 2 hours of YogAlign instruction.

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“Since Victorians walked around with books on their heads, good ‘carriage’ or good posture has fallen out of favor. But that does not mean it has fallen out of importance: it is the place from which we move. ‘Acture’ (a better word for it – posture in action) needs to be reinterpreted anew for an electronic generation. Michaelle Edwards bases her YogAlign® system on sound principles, with practical and useful exercises and awareness’s. This book is a useful tool for yoga teachers, as well as a good adjunct book for bodyworkers.”

Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains and Fascial Release for Structural Balance

“Michaelle Edwards aims for nothing less than a revolution in the way yoga is understood and practiced. YogAlign® is packed with well-described anatomy and well-researched principles of body structure. The author’s dedication and spirit will inspire you with her vision of a pain-free yoga path to a naturally aligned body.”

Mary Bond, author of The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand and Move in the Modern World

“Michaelle Edwards raises a red flag on the prevalence of injuries experienced by people practicing yoga today. Not only does she detail common poses and practices that are at odds with the natural human design, she provides safe, rehabilitative alternatives throughout this richly-illustrated, well-researched guide. An important paradigm-shifting contribution to the world of yoga!

I am confident this book will be a useful manual for yogis—both beginners and more seasoned practitioners recovering from injuries. Michaelle is performing a really useful and courageous service by bringing attention to this information. I am amazed to see how much yoga has become a “sacred cow,” not to be questioned.”

Kathleen Porter, Natural Posture Solutions


Pain-free Yoga from Your Inner Core


Book and DVD combo
by Michaelle Edwards, creator of YogAlign

384 pages of both theory and practice
Over 200 illustrations and photos
One hour YogAlign practice DVD included


Michaelle’s YogAlign book with over 384 pages of theory and technique with over a hundred illustrations is now available as an E-book.

This book is a true labor of love, taking me over five years to write and self-publish. With this book and DVD you will be able to practice YogAlign on your own, establishing good posture and breathing habits that will serve you for a lifetime. This book/DVD will give you the tools to practice yoga safely following the YogAlign principals of natural alignment. I have included dramatic case histories of people who aligned their posture and alleviated chronic pain and anxiety doing YogAlign. It is my hope that this book will enable people the world over to be aligned and pain-free.
Michaelle Edwards, creator of YogAlign

YogAlign Pain-free Yoga
From Your Inner Core DVD Trailer

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Downloads of the book and DVDs

  • YogAlign Tune up Series- Short practices to get you aligned and out of pain today
  • YogAlign SIP breathing practice
  • YogAlign Shoulder/Arm Tuner
  • YogAlign Core Dog
  •  YogAlign Sun Salutations
  • YogAlign SIP UPS
  • Stabilize your hip joint and alleviate pain
  • Safe Yoga Twists