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Listen to what graduates say

Kauai Yoga School offers a 200-hour training Yoga Alliance registered course as well as shorter YogAlign certifications ranging from a few days to three weeks.

YogAlign certification courses have a focus on optimizing postural alignment; a major determinant of mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Skills and topics covered in the trainings:

  • YogAlign core SIP breathing
  • 70 different YogAlign techniques
  • Self massage to increase circulation, kinesthetic awareness and the release of ingrained tension
  • Structural alignment of the body, honoring the natural spinal curves, and keeping stable joint functions in any position, activity or movement
  • Global physiology and anatomy of the muscles, bones and fascia systems
  • Effective sequencing and contraindications for poses
  • Teaching practicum where students practice working one on one with each other and then a client for several sessions (The ability to lead a group yoga class will develop as one gains experience by first instructing people one on one)
  • Verbal corrections and safe adjustments that always honor the student’s physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Use of the voice in teaching, mantra and singing
  • Core work via toning the abdominals and the spine stabilizers using the movements of breathing
  • Create fascia tensegrity – balance the forces of tension and compression that shape posture, movement and mood
  • Rewire posture and movement globally at the nervous system level for balanced movements and pain-free living
  • Release the ‘issues in the tissues’, deeply help traumas, tension and negative emotions
  • Gain agility and strength without stretching ‘parts’ of the body
  • Learn how to analyze any yoga pose or fitness exercise for safety and effectiveness
  • Use YogAlign techniques to streamline all movements of daily life and any sport or activity
  • Learn to teach people of any age and fitness level self-help tools to change their posture and change their life with YogAlign
  • Learn the business of teaching yoga
  • Study the Yoga Sutra and apply this ancient philosophy to real life
  • Experience Hawaiian spirituality and the meaning of Aloha

What makes YogAlign trainings different?

YogAlign focuses on attaining natural alignment to eliminate chronic pain, injury, and premature aging in the human body. There is an emphasis on safety, stability and the usage of sound biomechanical principles, rather than contorting the body to achieve poses. YogAlign asana are globalized positions based on how our body is designed to move in real life function.

Your body can heal itself

Besides alleviating chronic pain and joint deterioration, posture alignment affects every system in the body. When we are aligned, our body’s cells have the necessary nutrients, circulation, and waste removal to function optimally. Healthy cells in every part of our body are needed for the bio-intelligence to heal injuries, immune weakness, organ dysfunction, vertigo, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

In YogAlign, we practice the greatest love of all; self-love

Once aligned, the more subtle realms of consciousness revered by ancient yogis are more accessible. Students transform from rose buds and gradually bloom into beautiful flowers without pain or force to the body. There is a profound love that permeates the training and the group becomes a family supporting each other to let go, receive, and do less. This course enables a strong acceleration of personal growth, heart opening, access to inner power, and a connection to nature.

Is a YogAlign Teacher Training Course for You?

YogAlign trainings are a perfect fit for those interested in the human body, massage therapy, biomechanics, movement education and of course the mindful practice of yoga. Nobody is required to perform any pose or body position if you deem it uncomfortable or unsuitable. This course is about alignment from core center, not getting ‘good’ at performing yoga poses.

Continuing education units are available for yoga teachers, massage and physical therapists.

Many people who already have previous 200 or 300-hour yoga certifications become YogAlign teachers. Some students who enroll in the course have had prior experience teaching but still found themselves with pain or yoga injuries that created confusion about how to continue teaching yoga safely and effectively. The YogAlign course enables students to gain an understanding and acquire the skills to practice and teach yoga asana from a global body perspective that facilitates alignment and healing.

YogAlign courses have a strong foundation in functional anatomy and physiology.

You will be studying anatomy of the muscles, bones and fascia both via the academic method and through experiential learning. Fascial anatomy is strongly emphasized as is developing proprioception skills using reciprocal inhibition and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) in rewiring tension at the nervous system level.

In the first part of the course, you will upload a new program of integrated posture ‘software’ into your physical, emotional and mental bodies.
As you activate your internal forces of lift and radiance through YogAlign breathing work, you start to eliminate the issues in the tissues resulting from previous physical or emotional traumas. Energy is freed when there is a letting go of ingrained tension accumulated from yoga poses, fitness exercises, chair sitting or habits like keeping the belly tight. YogAlign creates an inner sustainability where less effort is needed on all levels as a whole – in body, mind and spirit.

In the middle of the course you are given the opportunity to practice teaching each other as you continue with a daily class for self-practice.
The final part of training, in both the 200-hour and 10-day courses, includes a practicum in which you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients.

You are going to have a lot of fun learning.

The training courses held on Kauai provide a unique opportunity to be in the beauty of nature while you become a teacher. Most 200-hour courses include a private group boat trip down the beautiful Na Pali coast as well as group swims, hiking, singing and visits to sacred sites.

Before and after photos are taken as a record of your transition. Your clients in the practicum will also be photographed before and after.

Kauai courses info for: Lodging, Meals and Transportation

Lodging, meals and transportation are not included in the tuition cost. If you require housing, Kauai Yoga School reserves 2 homes in Princeville which can be shared by students. Meals are not provided but many students who room together share cooking and food costs. These rentals are large spacious modern town homes with private bathrooms, pool and convenient location to the beaches by Princeville and Hanalei. Mana Yoga Center is located 5-10 minutes by car from Princeville. Rental car sharing allows easy transportation to class, shopping and the beach. Please email Michaelle at yogalignkauai@gmail.com if you want to share housing and transportation with other students

Kauai Yoga School curriculum follows the guidelines set up by Yoga Alliance and allows graduates to register with YA in the 200 or 300-hour category.

Payments and Cancellations Policies

Payments for tuition are fully refundable 30 days before starting date of the course. After 30 days, tuition is still refundable if another student registers for placement in the same course. In case of sickness or health issues during the course requiring one to leave, a student may enter the same course at a later date free of charge.

Extreme disruptive behavior during the course can result in dismissal and forfeiture of all funds and payments.

Current Course Offerings

75 hour YogAlign Certifications

This 75 hour course is for yoga teachers, body workers, health care practitioners, LACs, PTs, MDs, fitness, and movement educators seeking to learn the unique posture alignment techniques of YogAlign. This course is offered on Kauai and worldwide to give people the training necessary to teach YogAlign methods in their practice.

This course has 70 hours of contact and 5 hours which must be completed on your own. The 5 hours must be private YogAlign session hours conducted with a client or clients.

Pre-requisites for the course

All students enrolled in a YogAlign teacher training must purchase a copy of YogAlign- Pain-free Yoga from Your Inner Core by Michaelle Edwards. Chapters 1-8 are required reading before attending any YogAlign teacher certification course.

There are also recommended reading and workbook pages in the Trail Guide to the Body Book and Workbook by Andrew Biel.

Kauai Yoga School

200 hour Teacher Training

March 12 – April 20, 2018

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered course is open to all levels of practitioners in good health. Limited to 15 people maximum.
Course tuition $3495
$500 discount to $2995 if paid in full by Feb. 1, 2018.
Includes YogAlign book and DVD


Kauai 10 day YogAlign certification

November 5- 16, 2018

$1950 or $300 discount to $1650 if paid in full by September 15, 2017.

75 Hour YogAlign Teacher Certification with Michaelle


YogAlign Teacher Training

with Michaelle Edwards

Move Atelier Yogastudio, Soorpark, 9606 Bütschwil (Toggenburg)

Sept 18- 23, 2018

Registration and Information For This Course

For more information, email Bigna

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