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The YogAlign certifications are therapeutic based with a focus on optimizing postural alignment. Kauai Yoga School offers a six week 200 hour training and a ten day 60 hour YogAlign certification. 
When we become aligned, our body’s cells can function optimally allowing the bio-intelligence to heal injuries, immune weakness, organ dysfunction, vertigo, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Skills and topics covered in the trainings:

• YogAlign breathing techniques
• Restore the expansive inner lift while honoring the natural curving shape of the human body
• Release deeply help traumas, tension and negative emotions
• Tone the trunk muscles and align the spinal column using the movements of breathing

• Structural alignment of the body and stable joint functions in any position or movement.

• Learn how to analyze any yoga pose or fitness exercise for safety and effectiveness in transformation.

• Gain agility and strength without stretching ‘parts’

• Rewire posture and movement globally at the nervous system level for self and clients.

• 70 different YogAlign techniques are covered in the training.

• Effective sequencing and contraindications for poses.

• Teaching practicum students works with a client one on one for several sessions.

(The ability to lead a group yoga class will develop as one gains experience by first instructing people one on one)

• Verbal corrections and safe adjustments that always honor the student’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

• Global physiology and anatomy including the major systems of the body as well as muscles, bones, and fascia. 
• Teach others how to change fascia tensegrity, our organ of posture that shapes our posture, our movements and even our moods.

• Use of the voice in teaching, mantra and singing

• YogAlign self-massage techniques that enhance healing increase kinesthetic awareness and release tension. 

• Business of teaching yoga

• Study of the Yoga Sutra and applying this ancient philosophy to real life. 

• Hawaiian Spirituality and the meaning of Aloha

How is YogAlign training different, and what will the course teach?

YogAlign focuses on attaining natural alignment to eliminate pain and injury in the human body.  There is an emphasis on safety, stability and using sound biomechanical principles, rather than contorting to achieve poses. YogAlign asana are positions used to achieve alignment free from any scripted set of poses for everyone. Kauai Yoga School focuses on teaching you the YogAlign principles so that you can help others get out of pain and practice yoga safely.

One of the simple definitions of yoga is ridding us of obstacles and learning the greatest love of all; self love. Once aligned, the more subtle realms of consciousness that the ancient yogis revered are more accessible. I watch as students transform from rose buds to beautiful blossoms without pain or force in a relaxed environment. There is a profound love that permeates our training partially because of the location on my 5 acres of paradise and also because instead of trying to acquire more we are actually learning to let go, receive, and do less. This course enables a strong acceleration of personal growth, heart opening and accessing our inner power.

Many people who are already have 200 or 500-hour yoga certifications take my course. Some students who had practiced yoga for years were still in pain and suffering from poor postural patterns. You will learn in the YogAlign course how to be aligned without effort.  You will be able to communicate and connect with your body and stay in the moment at all times by practicing natural posture aligned by the movements of breath. It will become innate, and you will not have to work at being in tune and aligned.

This course has a strong emphasis on anatomy, physiology and neuroscience. I will be teaching experiential anatomy of the muscles, bones and fascia. Fascial anatomy is strongly emphasized and developing proprioception skills using reciprocal inhibition and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) to assist ourselves and others to rewire tension at the nervous system level.

In the first part of the course, you will upload an integration of natural aligned posture software in your body and mind. As you activate your internal forces of lift and radiance through YogAlign breathing work, you will let go of the ingrained tension that has been held in your emotions and the physical armoring from trauma, yoga poses that do not follow natural design, fitness exercises or sports, sitting in chairs, or trying to keep your belly tight. You will begin to get in touch with your true nature. You will learn how to move and to be with less effort on all levels as a whole – body, mind and spirit.

In the middle of of the course, as you continue learning, you are given the opportunity to practice teaching each other along with a daily class for self-practice. The final part of trainings in both the 200 hour and the 10 day includes a practicum in which you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients. 

You are going to have a lot of fun. The training courses held on Kauai provide a unique opportunity to be in the beauty of nature while you become a teacher.  Most 200-hour courses include a private group boat trip down the beautiful Na Pali coast as well as group swims, hikes and visits to sacred sites.

There will be before and after photos taken as a record of your transition. Your clients in the practicum will also be photographed before and after.

CE units are available for this course if you are already a certified yoga teacher.

Nobody is required to perform any pose or body position if you deem it uncomfortable or unsuitable. This course is about alignment from core center, not getting ‘good’ at doing yoga poses.

Graduation night dinner and YogAlign: Pain-Free Yoga From Your Inner Core Book and DVD are included in the cost.

Housing and food are additional costs. Kauai Yoga School reserves a home or homes to share during the training. Please email Michaelle at yogalignkauai@gmail.com if you want to share housing and transportation with other students.

6 WEEK COURSE – This 200 hr. course offered to anyone in good health seeking to become a certified yoga teacher.  It is not necessary to have previous yoga or movement experience but it can be helpful.  Kauai Yoga School curriculum follows the guidelines set up by Yoga Alliance and allows graduates to register with YA in the 200 or 300-hour category. 

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YogAlign Six week 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training is $3500. A $500 discount is offered if paid in full 60 days before start of the course. A $500 deposit will secure your spot in any course however you must pay the tuition in full before the first day of the course.

March 14- April 15- 2016
2016 Spring Kauai Yoga School 200 hour teacher training


10 DAY YOGALIGN CERTIFICATIONS- This 60 hour course is for yoga teachers, body workers, health care practitioners, LACs, PTs, MDs, fitness, and movement educators seeking to learn the unique posture alignment techniques of YogAlign. This course is offered on Kauai and worldwide to give people the training necessary to teach YogAlign methods in their practice.

10 day YogAlign certification – $1500 plus $60 tax
November 2- 13, 2015
YogAlign 10 day certification