FitAlign® Posture Training


FitAlign Posture Training Objectives: Breath Based Alignment Correctional Techniques for Physical Therapists and Their Clients.

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This program provides FitAlign Posture Certification to physical therapists, massage therapists, licensed acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, occupational therapists and yoga teachers. People licensed as a PT, LMT, or OT will earn 12 CEU units accredited in the state of Washington.

A large percentage of joint and chronic pain and organ issues are a direct result of postural dysfunction. The course will allow you to integrate powerful self help tools for your clients, leading to optimal postural alignment. FitAlign uses the movements of breathing with a unique and effective process that will allow you to work with clients of all ages and fitness levels.

FitAlign: Inner core breathing, self massage, and dynamic proprioception neuromuscular facilitation to rewire sympathetic nervous system motor patterns to decrease pain and muscle tightness and improve physical performance.

Course Agenda:

  • Theory/Research
    • Posture Assessment
    • Past Medical History Intake (TMJ issues, Headaches, Vertigo, Indigestion, Surgeries, Vision issues)
    • Feet (pronation/supination)
    • Knees (hyperextension/lateral or medial rotation)
    • Hips (level, anterior/posterior, ilium up/down)
    • Spinal curves (lordotic/kyphotic)
    • Jaw alignment
  • FitAlign postures instruction/practice
  • Posture ReAssessment
  • FitAlign Posture Prescription Case Studies

FitAlign Posture Training

Instructed by Michaelle Edwards LMT and Dr. Jillene Lund
Michaelle Edwards is a licensed massage therapist and director of Kauai Yoga School with over three decades of work in posture education, bodywork and yoga teaching. She is the creator of FitAlign and YogAlign and author of Pain-free Yoga from Your Inner Core, as well as numerous articles and DVDs. She conducts trainings and seminars around the globe and is committed to providing self care tools to individuals seeking optimum health and longevity.

Dr. Jillene Lund, DPT, CMP, holds a doctorate degree in physical therapy, bachelor’s degree in health sciences and psychology, and is a Certified Mulligan Practitioner. She has been practicing orthopedic physical therapy since 2000. She owns Mountain Time Wellness a cash-based physical therapy practice in Ashford, WA at Rainier BaseCamp and works at Olympic Sports and Spine Rehabilitation in Puyallup, WA. Jillene developed the ZenShuk Approach and ‘Healing through the Art of Caring’, a continuing education course series focusing on the biopsychosocial aspects of healing for physical and occupational therapists and massage practitioners. She specializes in mountaineering sports medicine, posture alignment, self care tools, complex chronic pain, and shoulder rehabilitation.

Michaelle Edwards is available at or by phone at 808-652-3823.
Dr. Jillene Lund is available at or by phone at 360-402-6184.

Housing and Transportation

Silver Cloud Inn in the university district has a special room rate and free shuttle transportation from the airport and to the training at Mountaineers’ each day. Single rooms are $149 per night ~ Double rooms are $159 per night. Rooms include a complimentary breakfast each day, free parking and internet, fitness center access. Call the Hotel directly at 1.800.205.6940 to make reservations. In order to receive the group contracted rate, individuals must indicate the group name, FitAlign Posture Training, at the time of making a reservation.

Payment and Registration

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